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Key Features

Partner Compass

Location based partner search enables sales personnel to quickly classify partners based on location and plan their visits effectively. Allows sales road warriors to collaborate with their network of partners and provide a higher level of channel support and build and manage and loyal partner community.

Competitor Information

With ready access to competitor information, sales personnel can successfully plan their go-to-market strategy and transform the way they connect with customers.

Integration with Product Catalog

Seamless integration with product catalog provides comprehensive information on the product family, enables the sales personnel to quickly drill down to product categories of interest and channelize their selling efforts.

Sales Activity Planning

An accurate planning calendar, ability to manage tasks and communication and guidelines for territory planning help sales teams in kick starting their day efficiently and accelerates their sales momentum.

ERP / Financial System Integration

Tighter integration with ERP and Financial systems enhances operational effectiveness. Additionally, it provides a consistent view of revenue and forecasting data, back-end information and empowers fact-based decision making across the enterprise.

CRM Integration

Provides a complete view of customer and partner accounts and makes it easier to build stronger and long-lasting relationships. Sales personnel can obtain everything that they need to make a sale in a single location, easily expand pipeline and close deals faster.


  • Searchable partner locator with Location-based Services & Visual Search
    Improves operational efficiency and accountability
    Increases channel driven revenue up to 3X

  • Real-Time Analytics
    Provides 360 degree visibility of KPIs and metrics
    Comprehensive reports and dashboards to track sales performance

  • Integration and synchronization with source data
    Integrates with data sources across enterprise - ERP, CRM, Financial systems, etc.

  • Intuitive User Interface and easy administration
    Customized role-based views
    Data export capabilities

  • Flexibility with multiple Interfaces
    Accessed via web, portals, mobile, email, etc.
    Enables users to export data in to MS Excel
    Integrates with standards-based Web Services technology

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