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Software Testing

Test Effectiveness Assessment

Suviva Software Solutions has extensive experience in Evaluation of existing software testing processes and identification of process improvement opportunities.

Suviva Software Solutions Assessment Approach

During an assessment, we look at the opportunities to improve the client's testing from a number of different angles. The most important angles are the ones that align with what "success" looks like to the key stakeholders in testing and quality for the organization being assessed. Do they want to increase quality? Reduce risk? Contain costs? Accelerate schedule? Increase expertise? Do they want to look for potential improvements mostly within the test team or in the interfaces between the test team and the rest of the organization? Prior to starting the assessment process, these success factors are identified.

Once we have identified the success factors, we begin the assessment process:

  • One-on-one interviews with key stakeholders and participants in the testing process and the quality of the system
  • Analyzing data and documents

Regular discussions with the key assessment point-of-contact(s)/sponsor(s) to ensure proper alignment of the assessment with the client's goals, to deal with any evolving sense of the assessment as threatening or intrusive (or any other problems that might come up), and to achieve the best possible results.

The typical deliverable of an assessment is a report consisting of:

  • An executive summary section
  • Sections describing specific recommendations and the estimated benefits
  • A section giving cautions and advice on implementing the recommendations
  • The source spreadsheet where the benefits of the recommendation are estimated

The report is written with an eye to the success factors important to each client identified as described above.

Test Process Definition

Our Test Process Consulting Services will define and implement software testing norms, processes, guidelines and templates through test process definition meetings with in-house process groups, and interviewing key software personnel. Our Approach consists of the following steps:

As is Analysis

Suviva Software Solutions conducts a detailed analysis of the current processes and the methodology in use and compares the same with the best in class practices.

The information on the current state is collected from the following sources:

  • Key Stakeholders and their expectations
  • Process documentation
  • Project documentation

This step is mandatory to obtain an objective view of the current process maturity. This approach involves studying the existing processes/ methodologies, identifying gaps, and providing recommendations to fill in these gaps. This is a collaborative exercise between Suviva Software Solutions and the customer.

Process and Project documentation reviews

This is required to understand the current testing practices as defined and documented in the Customer Quality Management System, if any. This will enable in understanding the implementation of practices in projects. This will give an understanding of the process and process implementation culture and an in-depth understanding of the gaps in the processes/practices vis-a-vis the best in class processes and methodologies. This will also provide areas for improvement and highlight the current strengths. Suviva Software Solutions consultants will ensure that existing practices are leveraged while defining new processes.

Suviva Software Solutions consultants will present the As-Is findings along with gaps, opportunities of improvement and existing strengths to the Customer's Senior Management and relevant stakeholders. This will also cover the high level roadmap for process improvement and implementing the recommended changes.

Roadmap Plan

Based on the output generated from the analysis, a detailed roadmap plan is developed. A single plan in the form of a Microsoft Project plan (mpp) is generated detailing the activities, timelines and the responsibilities. This forms a basis for the entire program and provides an integrated approach and removes redundancy. The roadmap also enables customer to effectively deploy the project objectives into a set of actionable steps.

Suviva Software Solutions Consultants will identify the risks, constraints and bottlenecks and other dependencies and prepare mitigation and contingency action plans for the same.

Process definition

A Single Software Test Life Cycle model and associated documentation (processes, procedures, templates, guidelines etc.,) shall be developed. Detailed tailoring guidelines will accompany this model to help practitioners to tailor the Software Test Life Cycle to suit the various types of projects being executed in the customer's organization.

Process change/ improvement or new process additions are initiated based on the recommendations of the AS-IS report. Adequate details are looked into such as the availability of expertise to review the process change, extent of process reuse to limit changes to minimal limits, prioritizing the process change requests, grouping of interfacing processes.

Suviva Software Solutions consultants will conduct a process workshop to make the customer Senior Management and relevant stakeholders aware of the new/ improved processes. This will validate the processes and approval of customer senior management is obtained. This will also facilitate the process Train the trainers program for customer.

Process Implementation support

Process implementation support is provided in terms of process and tools trainings to the practitioners. Training material will be developed by Suviva Software Solutions.

Suviva Software Solutions will verify the implementation through periodic audits and reviews and report the compliance to the customer's Senior Management.

Structural Testing (White-box testing)

Suviva Software Solutions offers Structural Testing or White-box testing services. Our highly effective White-box testing services cover the following:

  • Unit and Integration Testing (open source/commercial tools)
  • Automation of unit tests and daily-build testing
  • API testing
  • Development of frameworks for Unit/Integration/API testing

Behavioral Testing (Black-box testing)

Our Behavioral testing services spans various domains and has proven competency in Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Datacom, Banking & Financial Services, eLearning, Embedded Systems, EAI & ISVs, Desktop Publishing, Retail, ERP, Travel & Logistics.

A snapshot of our functional and non-functional testing offering is as follows:

  • Functional
  • Load/Stress/Performance Security
  • Globalization and localization testing
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Configuration, Compatibility, & Conformance testing
  • Installation testing
  • Standards and logo compliance testing
  • Automation using Mercury, Rational, Silk or any other tool of choice
  • Creation of Automation Tools
  • Regression testing
  • Beta testing
  • Third party validations and acceptance testing

Test Automation

While automating some or all of your testing can provide a significant return on investment, but most test automation projects fail because test automation success is more than just buying the right tool. Organizations taking the first step towards automation often stumble at one of many stages of automation including identifying the automation need, evaluating the tools, taking a "make or buy" decision, training, deployment of the tool and creation of frameworks and scripts. Pure Testing automation services help save your company from making an expensive test automation mistake in any of the steps mentioned above.

Suviva Software Solutions has some of the best automation specialists on its roles who can deliver change resistant, tester friendly solutions for:

  • API based automation
  • CLI (Command Line Interface) based automation
  • Unit testing automation
  • Functional testing automation using commercial and open-source tools
  • Performance testing automation
  • Creation of custom tools

Some of our Automation Framework Benefits include:

  • Flexible keyword-driven framework
  • Reduced cycle time for automation resulting in reduced automation cost
  • Automation for the masses, minimizing the need of automation experts for maintaining automation systems
  • Database driven Customized reporting for all stakeholders
  • Automated scheduling
  • Better quality control

Suviva Software Solutions Technologies has extensive expertise in building Automation Frameworks built on Rational, Mercury, Segue, Open Source and a mix of COTS and Open Source.

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