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Customer Information Management - Managing Complex Data

The most successful businesses get there and stay there by maximizing the lifetime customer relationship quotient for every profitable customer. This is done by obtaining an optimum balance between customer satisfaction and sustained long term profitability. As the complexity of the products as well as the customer organization increases, the number of touch points between the enterprise and the customer increase, thus making this relationship difficult to manage.

Since most of the business of medium-to-large enterprises is conducted using systems and databases dispersed across multiple departments, divisions and organizations, obtaining the most accurate, timely and contextual information about a customer, products, pricing and other attributes becomes very critical to be able to drive the right decisions and actions.

The specific issues that we see in various enterprises can be listed as:

  • Customer data dispersed across multiple systems (Average company has key
    customer data distributed over 5 to 25 systems
  • Inability to uniquely identify customers
  • Post hoc, manual methods for maintaining consistency of customer data across multiple systems
  • Where common customer data is maintained, inability to drive automated business processes based on that data across the enterprise

Many companies undertake “data cleaning” initiatives from time to time. They all start with a bang, but end up creating more mess than what existed before these activities were conducted. Having successfully executed various data management projects across multiple companies in multiple industries, our observations are:

  • Companies will never create a single source of customer data across the enterprise
  • Companies will not abandon their investments in front and back-office systems because these systems contain incompatible data models
  • Business silos will not go away
  • Technology silos will not go away
  • The introduction of new best-of-breed systems in functional and business areas will only make the customer data fragmentation problem more intractable

All these observations have led to a common conclusion:

Any viable solution to the customer data integration problem must build on existing technology investments, not require massive renovation, to succeed
Learning through various engagements across various customers in multitude of industries, Xoriant teams have developed a commonly accepted methodology, process, architecture and design to manage the customer information of an enterprise. Xoriant teams have been using these reference architectures and the intellectual property associated with them to standardize our implementation, reduce its development costs, attain efficiencies and increase the chances of project success.
The Xoriant Customer Information Management mechanism is a combination of enterprise data sources, Xoriant’s foundational data management components and tools to access and aggregate the existing enterprise data in a flexible, context specific manner. In specific cases, Xoriant Customer Information Management mechanism can further organize the data in a way that the decision makers want, to make their decision and present information to the business analysts in a consistent, flexible and interactive manner.
The two foundational components of Xoriant’s Information Management architecture are (1) Customer Integrator and (2) Hierarchy Manager.

Xoriant Customer Integrator™
Xoriant Customer Integrator™ is the essential foundation for effective management of the customer information. Customer Integrator™ enables an enterprise build and manages an enterprise-wide directory of customer information regardless of where and how it is organized across enterprise systems. By providing a rich set of customer data management and distribution functionality, Customer Integrator establishes a single authoritative source for customer information and administration. This allows an enterprise to view, unify, and update customer information across all the enterprise information systems in real-time. Strategically managing the customer information results in rapid return on investment from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) initiatives, 360° views of the enterprise’s customers, and reduced costs in integrating new systems and businesses

Xoriant Hierarchy Manager™
Xoriant Hierarchy Manager™ addresses real-world requirements to model and manage both complex customer relationships and internal operations that service those customers. Hierarchy Manager™ is a web-based application that provides visual models to define and manage accounts and territories. Business users can then modify these definitions to create their own hierarchies or groupings for reporting and analysis. Hierarchy Manager™ enables businesses to improve marketing campaigns, manage sales territories, calculate sales credits for global accounts, manage credit risks, enable consistent financial reporting, and capture the untapped potential in global accounts.

Xoriant CIM Architecture

Xoriant Information Management foundational components are derived out of industry standard technologies, interfaces and implementation techniques, which have been architected, designed and developed as model components to solve a broad set of information management problems. Most of the customer IT and business environments can be modeled using these components with necessary configuration changes and customizations.

Consult Kit:

The power of a fully integrated consulting business software suite.

The average IT Consulting company in the united states uses a minimum of seven separate software applications to manage its business (email, customer relationship management, applicant tracking, timesheet and expense management, Immigration, payroll, accounting & billing, reporting). Simply keying the same information into multiple systems requires additional headcount while increasing the rate of error exponentially. With thousands of customer, candidate, placement, payroll and invoice transactions each week, the result is lost placement opportunities, countless inefficiencies and wasteful spending. Plus there is the enormous cost for each software application, installation, training, support, maintenance, and upgrades. 

eConKit, the low cost, low risk business software suite hundreds of staffing firms rave is the easiest, most intuitive staffing software they've ever used.

Integration provides immediate results

  • Improve service and respond to clients and candidates faster than your competition with a real-time view of all relationships and activities.
  • Reduce time matching talent with jobs. Shorten sales cycles and time-to-fill.
  • No double or triple data entry. Reduce human errors and spend more time on revenue-generating activities.
  • No need to maintain, purchase or use separate software applications. Just log into one system and go!
  • Never lose opportunities due to missing or inaccurate information.
  • Get a 360 degree view of your entire business with real-time reports and metrics.

The eConkit provides the following advantages

  • Increase revenue up to 300%.
  • Reduced software and IT expense up to 50%.
  • Beat their competitors by immediately responding to clients.
  • Streamlined boarding, timesheet, expense, and invoicing processes.
  • Greater insight into company operations with real time reporting.

sales crm

Improve the health of your sales pipeline.

EQMS is a smart and intuitive tool for sales lead management which helps you manage leads in an effective and organized way.

EQMS is designed with the view to cater your business needs. All important details such as customer information, reminders of follow-ups and more are captured in EQMS. It gives you the complete insight of information.


  • Captures complete lead information such as contact details, source of enquiry, products enquired

  • Complete insight of follow-up

  • Receive timely Reminders for important follow-ups

  • Sales forecast

  • Region-wise lead details

  • Comprehensive customer details

  • Customer loyalty like track of repetitive business from a particular customer

  • Know reasons for losing orders

  • A single place where all the data related to a lead is maintained

  • Maintain payment details of order booked

  • Incentive calculation made easy

  • Assign leads to the sales executives

  • Re-assign the existing leads incase of employee leaving the organization

  • Re-open closed leads for re-negotiation

  • Create quotes from EQMS to complete the sales lifecycle.

  • Measure team/employee performance

  • Export data to excel to build customized report for further MIS and forecasting

  • Backup and Restoration facility to safeguard your data

  • Upload existing data from excel file

  • History of follow-up done and document shared with customer

  • Improve communication with prospects by sending Emails/SMS

  • Access data from anywhere across multiple branches and locations.

  • Powerful reporting capabilities with slice and dice reports, MIS and dashboard helps you explore and gain complete insight of information.

  • Create quote within the system to complete the deal lifecycle.

  • With Adhoc reporting easily manage indirect or dotted line reporting of team or employee.

  • Geographic Access helps you manage channels sales and let you access your data anywhere, anytime


  • EQMS is a ready to use software which is easy to download and use
  • Ease of use, simplicity and cost effectiveness of EQMS has proved to be a boon and hence has been preferred by various industries and segments across the globe.
  • It is a widely accepted solution for lead management across various regions in India, UK, USA, Dubai, South Africa, Qatar, Hungary & more.
  • Trial edition is freely available for download with a cap of 10 enquiries without any obligation for registration.
  • Available in wide range of edition to suit the business needs.
  • EQMS facilitates both On-demand and On-Premise deployment meaning it can be deployed on your server or on our hosted server as well.

Common problems faced in Sales/Marketing Business.

  • Tired of maintaining sales lead in Excel?
  • Unable to manage details of information?
  • Struggling to get the information on time?
  • Worried about the security and tampering of data?
  • Difficulty in tracking the entire enquiry process?

Problems faced by Sales/Marketing Executive.

  • Managing huge data of prospecting leads at/from various sources (excel files, mails etc.)
  • Irregular follow-ups
  • Keeping track of documents exchanged with clients

Problems faced by Sales/Marketing Head.

  • Incentive calculation
  • Review process takes a longer time since unified view of data is not available for all the executives/team
  • Hand holding of sales lead incase where existing employee leaves the organization.

EQMS is best suited for

  • Managing sales lead
  • Payment Follow Ups
  • AMC Follow Ups
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Contact Management


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