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HR End to End Services

Globalization has made the world really flat and an impact in one corner can put everything off balance. As we experience highly volatile economic conditions, it has become imperative for businesses to pursue a transformational approach to manage new business challenges. 

The role of Human Resources (HR) in the new business environment is to support Business Transformation and enable companies to compete with the new market realities. 

The Human Resources (HR) function is probably the toughest job, juggling diverse responsibilities of hiring, managing, engaging, and retaining talent. From being a total cost center, the Human Resources function has evolved into the single largest contributor to the well being of an organization; simply put, the HR function is responsible for generating the workforce and the workforce in turn ensure smoother running of the processes that keep an organization competitive and growing. 

While managing workforce is a people-centric function, you need the right technology, processes and information to maintain efficiencies and adhere to regulation while keeping costs down. A global workforce has its own share of problems; cultural diversity and sensitivities, regional laws and compliance, standardization across multiple locations to name a few. 

A right partner can free up your schedule from the transactional activities and geographical challenges and allow you to focus on the strategic goals and initiatives, while keeping a keen eye on the metrics and costs related to the workforce. 

With varied options to select from Single process or Multi process solution that start with Core HR including Workforce AdministrationTime & AttendancePayrollBenefits Administration and HR HelpdeskTalent Management with RecruitmentPerformance Management and Training & Development forming the second block. Specialized services like Human Resources (HR) Consulting and Human Resources (HR) analytics make the HR transformation simpler and more effective. 

Technology plays a significant role in standardization and building efficiency in Human Resources. The technology available offers you a choice of enablers. Whether it is a home grown Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or a high end ERP HRMS solution. Transformational HR Services are the order of the day. Depending on your appetite, you can actually choose a complete on-premise installation or opt for the user friendly ‘per employee per month’ (PEPM) option that gives you a world class HRMS on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode. In Human Resources solutions, our focus on building the right solution for your needs while being Technology Agnostic ensures you are getting the right HR solution fit for your organization. 

Additionally, by using our Human Resources solution, your processes achieve higher efficiency by using our internal IP’s that have been specially designed and developed with our experience in managing and streamlining processes across multiple industries across countries. So you get a solution that not only enhances your existing process, but also brings with it global best practices from across the world. 

HR Consulting solutions and HR Analytics services are initiatives that have helped companies today see remarkable results in managing their existing business processes and building on them to consistently improve efficiencies to sustain momentum with a focus on constantly reducing costs.

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