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BPO Outsourcing


What keeps you up at night?

High operating costs? Wondering what transformational technologies to invest in to stay ahead of competition? How to optimize collection results? How to manage cash-flow, reduce inventory-carrying costs, and ramp up after-sales service? How to meet new governance, risk and compliance regulations? How to gain visibility across your supply chain? Or move to more complex processes such as actuarial and underwriting analytics support?

If these are your challenges – they are certainly not just about the cost. It’s about optimizing your business processes while simplifying them and addressing operational issues like security, privacy, or governance. A dependable and reliable partner can get you there – a partner who has embraced the industry best-in-class processes required to deliver such secure outsourcing services.

Why should you consider Suviva Software Solutions?

Suviva Software Solutions has always been a visionary and has pioneered industry trends, such as third-party BPO operations, multi-country delivery, and the platform business model in India. Suviva Software Solutions’s Next Gen BPO has evolved from being a provider of traditional BPO services to a provider of holistic next generation business services.

Suviva Software Solutions’s expertise stems from running multiple and multifarious business processes, based on six key tenets:

  • Domain orientation
  • Innovation and improvement focus
  • Output/ outcome/ flexible constructs
  • Integrated Global Delivery Model (IGDM)
  • Risk and compliance
  • Suviva Software Solutions’s “Employees-First” culture

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